With a Personalized Gift, You Give the Wedding Couple Something to Remember The wedding couple receives several gifts, but only a few of them are of any use. Some of the stuff, they will put away for safekeeping and to use later and some of them they will use immediately. Your gift should fall in those two categories. If it falls in the last and third category, your gift failed to make a lasting impression on the wedding couple. So, they decided to put your gift in the “to give away” category. If you want to secure your gift’s place in the first two categories, ensure they unwrap the following gifts: 1. A Wonderful Moment Captured Beautifully The picture you took of the couple at their wedding. Did it turn out exquisitely? If the snap you took captured them sharing an intimate moment, you should send it to them framed in a Personalized True Love Picture Frame. If you have already given the couple a gift, another one would only increase your chances of having your gift sit on the mantle of their house, sharing a spot with the rest of their memories. 2. A Gift before the Wedding If you know the bride personally or you are one of the bridesmaid or maid of honor at the wedding, you have all the right to give your friend a gift before the actual wedding. Your friend can wear the Customized Black Tie Bride T-Shirt on her Bridal Shower or Bachelorette Party, announcing to everyone that she is the bride. 3. Is the Groom a Fan of Football? The Best Man would probably know if his boy is a diehard fan of football. Since the groom will be expecting his Best Man to give him a gift that best captures his personality, you do not want to let your buddy down. You can provide your friend with Football Lowball Personalized Pub Set, which has a football molded underneath the glass. With this gift, you may just earn the title of the greatest Best Man there ever was. 4. Remind Your Married Friend that Girl’s Night is Still On Even though your friend is still in her honeymoon phase, you should send her a reminder not to forget about her girls. With the Girls Night out Flask, send her a card to let her groom know that when she comes after her honeymoon, you will be stealing her every Friday or any other day of the week. Humorous gifts always remain with the person, as it reminds them of the day they had a good laugh when they unwrapped the gift to find a note and a flask. 5. Remind the Groom of their Single Days This is another perfect gift for the groom to tell let them know of they will be leaving behind after they tie the note. However, when you give them the Zippo Black Ice Lighter, it will be too late for them to turn back, but it will be a fun wedding gift to give nonetheless. Grooms Favor will help you in your search for the perfect personalized gift to give to the wedding couple.