Even though jewelry is a wonderful gift to give to women, as they never get tired of it, but it is nice at times to mix it up a little bit. You can instead give the woman in your life a personalized gift. Why a personalized gift and not anything else, you wonder? With personalized gifts, you can write a sweet message for them. You can have both of your names on the gift along with the date you both first met. However, you will not understand why a personalized gift is the best choice for your partner until you give it and see their reaction. For now, the reasons below make a good argument of why personalized gifts are better than expensive jewelry: 1. Finding a Great Personalized Gift is Difficult It’s not difficult because of the lack of options, but it is difficult because you have several options. With jewelry, you know whether you purchase a ring, bracelet, or necklace, she will love it. When you look for a gift that you really have to think about, you know she will love the thought you put into finding it and then personalizing it with the perfect message or your names. 2. She Will Not Expect It Like every other year, she might expect you to give her jewelry again. No surprise there! Why not you give her something totally different? Something she is not expecting to get from you like a Lowball Shot Set with Two Lowball Glasses and Two Shot Glasses. Okay, this will be more for you and less for her, but at least it will have her initials on it. 3. It Will Not Cost You A Lot of Money Jewelry is expensive and is not something you can afford to give at every occasion, unless you’re Donald Trump or Bill Gates. If you’re like us regular folks, you work hard for that money, but unfortunately you cannot afford to give her jewelry. Don’t feel down because when you purchase a personalized gift, she will love it, only because she loves you. 4. Creative Proposal Are you going to go down on one knee and pop the question? Why don’t you add a little creativity to it? You can purchase her a Customized He Asked Bride T-Shirt that you can give her after she says yes. Let’s hope that she does say yes! Make sure to have someone capture the entire thing on camera. 5. Romantic and Sweet Gesture Believe it or not, but women love it when their man takes the time out to be romantic. Step away from the sports game and plan a romantic gesture by giving her a personalized gift that conveys the message of love. The Personalized at First Glance Picture Frame is a gift that will definitely show her your romantic side. Don’t completely forget about jewelry, but when you do give it, try to combine the two gifts to create an unforgettable memory. Grooms Favor’s variety of different gifts for women can make the special lady in your life very happy. Check out our collection to buy something for each woman in your life.