When people you know succeed in their professional life, you want to celebrate their success and a simple congratulation will won’t do. With so many people congratulating them on their new promotion or job, your congratulation will be lost amongst them. If your congratulation comes in the form of a gift, you stand a chance of having your name remembered. When people ask the successful professional of who gave them this stylish, different, and unique gift, they will your name. Whether it’s your boss, a colleague, or anyone else, you want to use their success as a way to build your professional network. Gifts such as these will help you do just that:

1. Does Your Boss Have a Collection of Fine Cuban Cigars?

If your boss has a known cigar smoking habit, you can give him a humidor to keep his cigars looking in mint condition. Even if they do not smoke cigars, they can use the Baron Personalized Cigar Humidor as a decorative piece to put on their office desk at home or at work.

 2. Did Someone in Your Firm Have a Promotion?

When someone gets a promotion, do not sulk in a corner, wondering why it wasn’t you. You will get your turn, eventually, but for now, you have to tell your colleague of how happy you are for them. By giving them the Flask & Shot Glass Gift Box Set, indirectly, you are telling them to remember your name when whispers of another promotion are in the works. Perhaps, while pouring themselves a drink from the flask into the shot glass, your name will resonate with them, and then you will up for the next promotion. It’s worth a try!

3. Fun Way to Store Your Beer

If someone close to you got their first job or a better one than they had before, tell them how proud you are of them by presenting them with a Personalized Beer Growler. If they love to drink beer on the weekends or after work, a beer growler may just be what they were looking for all along and you can be the one to unite them with it.

4. Another Gift for the Beer Drinkers

Men love to drink and that is evident by all the beer brands out there targeting their favorite pastime, which to sit on their couch or amongst their boys to drink beer. For this reason, the Personalized Brewery Growler Set is another perfect gift for the beer drinkers. Whomever you give this growler set, they will certainly put it to good use. Maybe, they will invite you in for a drink, thus securing your place in the good books of that person.

5. A Gift They Can Show Off Immediately

Executives wear suits, but it isn’t their suit that stands out, but it is the cufflinks on the sleeves. If you an occasion is coming up like their birthday or Christmas, you can give the executive Personalized Cufflink Bars. Keep an eye out for when they wear the cufflinks on their suit. Check our collection of personalized executive gifts.