Planning a wedding within a tight budget can be a challenging task, especially when you have to give thanks to your wedding attendants who have supported you through it all. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a lot on a mere gift as the saying goes “it is the thought that counts”. It is not necessary that you spend a fortune on your gift as it is always great to opt for things that are less expensive, yet unique. So, worry not if you are planning to give gifts to all your wedding attendants but have a tight budget. We have some good suggestions and gift ideas to save money on wedding gifts.

Groomsmen, bridesmaids, maid of honors and your friends who do everything to make your wedding events successful and memorable deserve
something in return as a token of appreciation and gratitude. Make sure you plan well in advance and  avoid yourself from the hassle that would be less expensive and ensures a definite saving. If you don’t start planning well in advance, you might end up spending more. There are lots of affordable shopping options available in local stores as well as in online stores.
You can ask the sellers to suggest you affordable gift items within your budget that also meet all your requirements.

Personalized wedding gifts are more thoughtful and will make the recipients feel special. You can choose a general gift item and engrave something on it to make it unique. These items include cufflinks, beer mugs, flasks, cigar humidors, money clips, wallets, pocket watches, etc. for men and personalized canvas, jewelry box, key chains, personalized frames, scarves, necklaces, customized accessories, bags, etc. for women. These items would look ordinary, but if you customize it with a particular message or memory, they are sure to make a hit on your wedding and will stay with your dear ones forever. Consider engraving these gifts with their initials, a personal message, your special memory or a great quote that is some way related to them, to make it unique.

Your wedding attendants who do everything to make your wedding event a grand success are your best friends and family members. You can give back thanks to them by gifting them something that will stay with them forever. Personalized gifts do not cost much. You can browse through a wide variety of online wedding stores that specializes in different kinds of wedding accessories and gifts in generous gifts. You can select the best gift items that fit your budget from these stores.

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