Getting your coworkers or employees gifts to show they are important to the company is a gesture of encouragement, and it will keep the employees motivated and interested at work. Organizing events to appreciate the work of your organization’s employees is a necessary act to improve the productivity of the company. With a lot of employees with different personalities and interests, it becomes a bit confusing and troublesome while you buy gifts for them.

You need to keep in mind various things while you buy executive gifts for your professional mates. Here we will discuss the dos and don'ts of giving executive gifts to your co-workers or employees.

Do: Give Unique Gifts

Give all your employees different gifts matching their personality. Giving the same standard gift to everyone is not a great idea. Get to know your employees well and buy them something that they need or will be really useful to them at work as well as in their personal life. For example, if one of your employees loves to play golf, you can get him golf themed clock or paperweight for his desk. Giving unique gift shows you cared for your employees and took extra efforts to make them feel special.

Don’t: Compromise on the Cost

Executive gifts need not be too expensive, but if you really want to make an impact from the gift, you should not be hesitant to spend some money. Online gift stores offer discounts and offers for bulk orders. Still, keep in mind that you personalize all of them separately according to the recipient’s interests. There are gift stores that do the personalization for free. Choose your gift items wisely and add appropriate customization to it.

Do: Personalize it

Whatever gift you choose, make it personal by adding customization options to it. Personalization makes the gift unique and memorable. Don’t just engrave their names but also add a small note for them or carve the event date and name to make it memorable. Your employees will love to treasure and display these personalized gifts for years to come. Some great personalized gifts include personalized cufflinks, personalized money clips, business card cases, pocket watches, pens, customized portfolios and folders, personalized totes, multi-tool kits, etc. All these items can be engraved with a unique message or quote to add value to it.

Don’t: Give Common Gifts

There are numerous options available online as well as in local stores to find gifts for all occasions. Make sure you do not repeat the same gift for your employees. It is certain that they might have different interests. Personalize each gift differently to make it unique. For example, for those who are interested in sports, you can engrave the name of their favorite team or player on it.

Do: Give Team Gifts and Awards

Giving your team of employees a token of appreciation once in a while is a must to keep them motivated. Organize events for the same and award them a tag with something as a gift for their good work. When you are giving awards or similar gifts to all your employees, make sure you make it personal by adding personal messages or quotes to each gift.

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